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concierge medicine

Concierge Medicine is a form of a subscription or membership in which doctors provide a list of specific services not covered by Medicare or the patient’s insurance and which generally foster a closer relationship between physician and patient. During the ensuing days, weeks and months it builds stronger communication between the two individuals and creates a more satisfied doctor and patient in the end. Visits typically last 45-90 minutes or as long as it takes to address their needs and questions. In exchange for this more personalized approach to patient communication, the concierge doctor receives a subscription fee which enables them to increase the amount of time they spend with their patients.

The “Pros” of Concierge Care

Access, Access, and More Access

No waiting and extra time with your physician doesn’t stop at the doctor’s office. You will have 24/7 access to your care team. We’re not talking about voicemails and long-delayed replies. We’re talking about conversations, by phone or email, regarding your health and treatment, at all hours.

Virtual Correspondence

Speaking of calls and emails, that sort of communication can sometimes spare you a drive to the office. We will handle matters in person or remotely depending on the clinical need and your preference..

In-house Specialization

We will spare you time by treating matters in-house, when possible, rather than making you drive to a specialist.

Care Coordination

We call it “quarterbacking” — streamlining a conversation among your doctors and specialists so that everyone’s treatment cooperates in one healthy direction for you. We will also assist you in scheduling any specialist appointments that you need to set.

The ‘Cons’ of Concierge Medicine

Membership Fees

We’d love to see American healthcare change so that you get personalized care for no added cost. Under the current system, though, concierge doctors offset costs by charging a membership fee. Not payable by your insurance or by your FSA or HSA, your membership is an out-of-pocket expense.

Out-of-Pocket Costs

Concierge membership is not a substitute for insurance. Expect to have the same out-of-pocket expenses for specialist consultations, prescriptions, and hospital visits that you would expect with a traditional primary care doctor. So you want to invest in an insurance plan that matches your anticipated level of need in these areas.

Low Investment Equals Low Return

This point could go in the “pro” list, depending on your mentality, but a concierge membership makes the most sense for people who want to see their doctors. If you’re not going to make use of your membership perks, then you’re letting your investment go to waste.

Why should you choose concierge medicine?

One of the most significant disruptions in healthcare delivery will come increasingly more consumers expecting healthcare to offer the same convenience, access, and customer-centered experiences they receive from the restaurant, retail, or mobile technology industries. Concierge practice in all of its forms will naturally increase in demand and, just like all innovations that start with early adopters, it will mature and expand to more patient segments because of increased demand and increased interest.

Think of how many subscription memberships you have? Netflix, HBO, Hello Fresh, Amazon Prime, Kindle Direct, etc to name a few. And the subscription market is expanding – bacon, clothing, shoes, beauty products, wine, and more. Now think of healthcare. What would you pay to have an expert in the field of internal medicine available to you? Someone who knows and understands your lifestyle and beliefs. Someone who will monitor your health, guide you through all the inevitable health challenges that you will surely face. Someone who will put all their resources to work for you to get the best possible outcome every single time.

A concierge doctor becomes the source for all things medical. Essentially, he becomes a trusted friend, advocate and stands fully prepared to help patients navigate the complex healthcare system. In the event of emergencies, hospital care is closely monitored, and specialists are often personally briefed and debriefed by you on behalf of your Patients.

This is why thousands of people are now actively searching for a concierge doctor. They also discover that out-of-pocket costs to this type of doctor can actually save them thousands of dollars a year.

The Apollo Advantage

  • Focus on personalized, high-quality primary care
  • Convenient in clinic, phone and virtual same day appointments
  • Unlimited appointments for your membership fee
  • Includes chronic care management and remote patient monitoring services when not covered by insurance
  • Liaising with hospital doctors if needed
  • Coordination of care if you become ill while traveling
  • Coordination of care with specialists
  • Wellness, fitness and lifestyle screenings
  • On call 24/7
  • Online and phone app access to medical records
  • Discounted cosmetic services

Please note – Concierge medicine is NOT a form of insurance. The monthly access fee is only for services not covered by your health insurance. We do bill your health insurance for covered medical visits and you are responsible for the usual copays, deductibles, etc.

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