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Apollo Health | Product Omega 3

$ 26.00 USD

Omega Plus is a professional grade nutraceutical that blends highly-concentrated fish oil with vitamin D3 to help support critical bodily functions and optimal whole body health. This powerful mix of vitamin D3 and essential omega-3 fatty acids has been expertly developed to fight inflammation and support a wide array of functions and processes in the body without the risk of mercury poisoning that can result from eating too much fish. Primarily derived from cold-water fish and shellfish, the EPA and DHA found in EvexiPEL Omega Plus are categorized as long-chain Omega 3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA provide more potent health BENEFITS compared to short-chain, plant-based Omega 3 fatty acids like AHA (alpha-linolenic acid), which must be consumed in large quantities in order to deliver comparable results. Most people don’t consume an adequate amount of Omega 3s in their daily diets, which is why supplementation may be necessary.

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